About Us

PXPT Co.,Ltd is firstly established since 2020 by objective for sourcing and being the distributor of medical and pharmaceutical equipment into wholesale and retails in Thailand. Recently the severely pandemic of COVID-19 virus, the medical supplies have been raised up rapidly in demand totally. Subsequently they had been become shortage in worldwide particularly the medical gloves. However, the company has studied this situation as the possible opportunity. So that the first product, which we went through the manufacturer and the real buyer to be exported in the name of their own brand, was the Examination Nitrile Gloves which made in Thailand by shipping them with good quality product.


PXPT provides the best solutions for our valued customers in the medical gloves manufacturer.

We are a young company

Be officially distributors on behalf of well-known medical gloves manufacturers with the highest standard products in medical niche market and also make our direct branding "PX GLOVES".

Be professional sourcing agency for the medical gloves in Thailand local and international market.

Buy Now Pay Later

We would like to help our customer growing up their business and to build the trust between us and their end customer. With our strong financial partner, we aims to help the world better by helping people get the certified quality material to stay safe.


We have a good and strong partnership and our partner has support us for a concept of "Buy Now Pay Later". For more details, please contact us.